E-commerce!!! For a few, this word sounds crazy and scary, but on the contrary, there do exist quite a lot of people around the globe who are comfortable with this word, and this word now is their source of livelihood. Defining this word in a layman’s way is that- e-commerce is simply put, commerce in an electronic atmosphere. Commerce includes buying or selling of goods or services with a monetary value attached for the same. Commerce is trading of goods or services for the money’s worth. This ‘commerce’ done in an electronic platform is termed as e-commerce.
The world is running on e-commerce. The best examples of e-commerce are Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, shine, club factory, etc. These platforms are open to all the sellers who wish for their products to be sold online. A seller can sell his goods or services online via any of the e-commerce platforms.
Kundan electronics is one such seller who wishes to sell their goods on Flipkart. Kundan electronics is now a seller of electronic products on Flipkart, as he is a registered trader, and he has access to a broader audience. Flipkart or any e-commerce websites, after trading their goods, enter their data on excel sheets and send them to their respective sellers. The registered sellers then have to re-enter the whole excel sheets manually into Tally. Only then, they could proceed further for the remaining accounting-related stuff like GST filing and others.
This duplication of work is tedious in nature and takes up a lot of their productive time. At this point, Kundan electronics realized that they could no longer manually enter this data and that they need a solution for the same.
Kundan electronics encountered Amsan Technology and explained to them their problematic situation. Amsan Technology is a reputed 5-star certified tally partner. Amsan tecchnology has over a decade of experience in this sector. Byjus, Raymonds, Netapp, Prestige are a few of their top clients to name. Amsan Technology suggested Kundan electronics their Tally Integration Tool. With the help of Amsan Technology’s Tally Integration Tool, Kundan electronics were able to create financial statements like debit notes, sales invoice, credit notes, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets and other excel sheets downloaded from the e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, and others directly into Tally ERP. This proved to be a fantastic tool as it reduced the manual, tedious typing from excel sheets to Tally ERP.
Talking about its advantages, with tally integration, Kundan electronics had to no longer deal with the duplication of work. It saved their precious time and costs and also increased their productivity by 60%. Moreover, it reduced errors drastically and helped to maintain data integrity.
If your company faces such issues, feel free to contact Amsan Technology, and they can provide your company with the tally integration tool. With the help of tally integration tool, you can unleash a lot of benefits. Don’t think twice about getting your tally integration done from Amsan technology. They are the best in this field.

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