Tally ERP 9/Tally Prime at your fingertips via a smartphone?, is it true? Is it possible to have the Tally ERP 9/Tally Prime software on your mobile screen??? When such questions bother us, we hope to have a positive, promising answer! And surprisingly, yet not so surprisingly, the answer is yes! Tally ERP 9/Tally Prime can now be accessed via your smartphone through Tally connector.


Tally connector is a mobile application, available on both Android and ios. The application allows you to access the required data through your smartphone. This application is a safe and secured application developed by Tally solutions. Tally connector brings together the data of your Tally ERP 9Tally Prime software onto your smartphone. In general parlance this means, you can access your account’s data through your smartphone. The application uses your google drive account and not cloud servers to keep your account data secured. This ensures that your data is more secure than ever, and only you have the sole access to the same.


If this question in particular is bothering you, then you have landed at the right destination to seek answers.

The tally connector mobile application makes use of google drive. ‘how google drive??’. To get started, initially, the user must install Tally ERP 9/Tally Prime on their desktop or laptop or PC. They must install it and run the same software. The data so collected by running the said software is stored on their google drive. Later on, when the user wishes to access Tally ERP 9/Tally Prime via mobile phones, they install Tally Connector. Tally Connector makes use of their google drive account information and thus transfers the same over the Tally connector. This makes the user access the data stored on the desktop, laptop, or PCs over their smartphones.


Tally Connector is a unique application that makes use of your Tally ERP 9/Tally Prime software data via your google drive. Once the user installs and runs the Tally ERP 9/Tally Prime software via their laptops, desktops, or PCs, they need to sync their data to their drive.

The Tally Connector application works offline, i.e., without the internet. It displays all the information and data synced so far in the google drive account onto the Tally connector application. This is a unique feature of the app.

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